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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Class Action Litigation

The Firm has represented those whose health, well-being, or finances have been harmed by unsafe or falsely represented products and services. Examples of consumer protection cases the Firm has litigated include:

  • Product defect and products liability cases
  • Environmental claims involving hazardous waste storage and chemical spills
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical products and medical devices
  • Unfair practices in the consumer credit or banking industries
  • False advertising
  • Unfair business practices under state consumer protection statutes
  • Unfair employment practices concerning wages, overtime or leave policies

Example of the Firm's Consumer Protection Litigation

Wal-Mart Colorado Workers' Compensation Class Action

The Firm represented Walmart employees in Colorado alleging that Walmart and its health provider, Concentra, wrongfully interfered with their medical care. Among other things, it was alleged that Walmart wrongfully dictated or directed treatment in violation of Colorado law; established directives prohibiting doctors from proscribing certain treatments; restricted the duration of treatments; and required “pre-authorization” for referrals and certain treatments. This conduct was alleged to constitute a bad faith breach of insurance contract, as well as violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act and other laws. The case was settled for $8 million in cash and a 4-year injunction requiring compliance with Colorado law, as well as requiring ongoing training to ensure there would be no repetition of the challenged conduct.